East Central College met with a representative from CampusWorks to further discussions regarding new mission and vision statements Thursday, March 28. 

The workshop, led by Kevin David from CampusWorks, included the ECC Board of Trustees and members of the Strategic Planning Committee.  

“The purpose of this evening is to refine, if necessary, and finalize a mission statement that you all would like to share with the college,” David said. 

The last hour of the workshop was dedicated to working on a new vision statement. 

Any revisions made to the mission and vision statements will go through a survey offered to the entire college at the end of April. This will be the second time the employees will be able to give feedback through a survey. 

In February, CampusWorks led a values survey to find out what kind of culture ECC employees want to work in. 

“It’s exciting for employees because you get to shape what the culture should look like at East Central College,” David said. 

CampusWorks sorted through the survey’s feedback and presented that information at a values workshop. Roughly 60 to 70 employees showed up for the workshop in February. 

During that workshop, employees worked in small groups to come up with a shorter list of values.

Out of the 10-12 values the employees gave, the Strategic Planning Committee then narrowed the list down to six values through a survey. Then the committee worked on value statements for each one. 

The six values are integrity, diversity, learning, service, empowerment and collaboration.  

“There was a lot of work that went into these six (values),” David said. 

The values also will be included in the survey for feedback in April. 

Previous Coverage

CampusWorks visited ECC in January before the Future Summit to begin development of a new mission statement. 

The college partnered with CampusWorks to develop the SOAR to 2024 strategic plan. 

Following the summit, the Strategic Planning Committee took six weeks to conduct best practices research over six topics of interest gathered from the event. 

“Now they’re going to synthesize all of this information and start to turn it into a strategic plan,” David said.   

A Scan to Plan Workshop was scheduled for Friday, March 29, where the committee would take three hours to begin drafting strategic plan statements.