Dr. Jon Bauer, ECC President

The East Central College Board of Trustees voted unanimously Wednesday to award a contract extension to President Dr. Jon Bauer.

His contract will now run through June 30, 2020, with any change in salary commensurate with raises provided to all employees in fiscal years 2019 and 2020.

Bauer completed his fifth year as ECC president at the end of the spring semester.

He said he loves the work he does and is honored to receive another contract extension from the board. He added that he’s looking forward to leading the college as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in the coming year.

“I love this work and I love the institution,” Bauer said. “The opportunity to continue is welcomed news and I’m pleased that the board felt that was the direction they wanted to continue with.”

According to ECC’s 2017-2018 budget, approved at the same board meeting, Bauer’s salary is $150,242.

Board of Trustees President Ann Hartley said Bauer has provided outstanding leadership in his tenure at the college.

“Dr. Bauer has a passion for East Central College and the community it serves,” Hartley said. “He brings integrity, dignity and accountability to the position, and the board of trustees believes he will continue moving the college in a positive direction.”

Bauer said he looks forward to meetings with the board of trustees.

Recently, Bauer set workforce development as a major goal of the college.

As chair of Missouri’s Community College Association, Bauer also spent the past months in the state Capitol working to lighten the cuts to community colleges made in the state’s current proposed budget.

“I can speak for myself and some of the other administrators that we’re grateful the board has recognized the work that Dr. Bauer has done for East Central College,” said Vice President of External Relations Joel Doepker. “He certainly has a very long legacy here and a great reputation at the college and in the community.”

Doepker said Bauer has the experience to guide the college through the issues like changing enrollment and other challenges the college may face.

“He understands the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the college,” Doepker said. “It’s nice to know he has the support of the board.”

Bauer is the college’s sixth president, succeeding Donald Shook, Charles Novak, Dale Gibson, Karen Herzog and Ed Jackson.