Washington High School: Excellence Everyday

Washington School District officials are embarking on development of a new five-year strategic plan for 2018 through 2023.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer briefed the school board Wednesday night on the planning time line and checklist.

VanLeer said the plan will be a collaborative effort through teamwork, stakeholder feedback and data analysis.

The superintendent will hold a visioning session with the board Sept. 13, which will begin with members completing a survey — the same one going out to staff and parents — followed by discussion to identify priorities and select the strategic planning committee.

The board’s input then will be combined with survey results and feedback from stakeholders and the planning team, she said.

The district will utilize a school improvement tool survey to determine the current reality, stakeholder perceptions and potential areas of focus. The survey will go out Tuesday and staff and community members will have until the end of the month to complete it.

School officials also will review achievement and demographic data to share with the planning team.

“Basically, we need to determine where we are right now and how we want to move forward,” VanLeer told the board.

The planning team will meet in October to review the survey results and data and determine themes and areas for improvements, and refine the district’s vision, mission and core values.

VanLeer said the themes or focus areas will help  determine how many implementation teams will be needed.

After the first of the year, a draft strategic planning survey will be developed and shared with the board and then distributed to stakeholders to solidify the direction the district should go to make ongoing and continuous improvements.

Those survey results will be presented to the board in February and then with the planning team in March, along with final draft goals, ideas and themes, and how to prioritize the work. 

The first draft of the strategic plan document will be shared and feedback sought, and then edited as needed before final adoption of the plan by the school board next summer. Action plans for each goal will be established and then implementation teams will get to work next school year.

Board member Scott Byrne said he likes the ideas of implementation teams to make sure the goals and ideas identified actually happen.