East Central College (ECC)

New course fees will be in place for the 2019-20 school year at East Central College.

The board of trustees approved the fees at its meeting last week.

“These are typically direct costs that we receive for expenditures related to these courses,” said ECC President Jon Bauer.

Trustee Prudence Fink Johnson pointed out that many fees were lower this year.

“Last year the board did some major revamping of the course fees,” explained Robyn Walter, interim vice president of academic affairs. “This year, we’ve made some minor tweaks to those.”

Walter provided an example using the education department.  She said since the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is no longer charging the same fee it did last year, the institution has reduced the cost.

“These truly are fees that are basically passive fees for the students,” she said. “We’re only charging the student what we’re being charged.”

Another fee Johnson pointed out is for the Illustration I class. Last year’s fee was $60. This year it’s $10.

“If there’s a change in the fee it’s because there’s been a change, whether it’s an increase or decrease, related to the direct charge that we are being charged,” Walter said. “We don’t want to charge the student more than we’re being charged.”

Bauer explained the change in fees also could stem from one less field trip in a course.

“With the course fees you’re going to see more fluctuations from year to year,” he said.