The Union R-XI School District received good news this month in the form of a boost to the district’s assessed valuation.

Preliminary figures show the assessed valuation of the school district increased by roughly $19.4 million.

That raise will allow the school district to set its tax levies and bring in more money than in years past, based on higher real estate and personal property values.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold said the tax assessment was a nice boost toward balancing the budget. He said it’s always good news when the school is working with more than the board and administration budgeted.

While the boost to the valuation of the school district will be a boost for the district moving forward, Weinhold said he’s expecting an update with more concrete numbers later this month.

The board had planned for a roughly 4 percent boost, but said that the 5 percent boost would give the school more money to work with.

The school district has a tax rate hearing tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 7 p.m. in Union High School’s Board Room with a regular board meeting to follow.