A Villa Ridge man charged with second-degree murder is now back in custody following a furlough for drug treatment granted by the court.

Vincent J. Bandermann, 21, has “continuously” been in drug treatment since his release from the Franklin County Jail July 6, according to his attorney Ryan Helfrich, Union.

He was being held on felony charges of second-degree murder and drug distribution in connection to a fatal drug overdose late last year.

A warrant was issued for his arrest Aug. 1 when he did not return to the Franklin County Jail, according to court records.

According to Helfrich, Bandermann was “in treatment continuously since the entry of his furlough order.”

He further stated, “the court is now fully aware of Mr. Bandermann’s treatment.”

Bandermann, along with Matthew A. Danter, 26, was charged in the December 2016 death of Joseph Garrett, 25, Pacific. Danter is being held in the Franklin County Jail on a $100,000 bond. He also faces a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

The charges stem from overdoses that occurred over the Christmas 2016 weekend.

Bandermann’s case is set for a bench trial Oct. 5 in front of Presiding Circuit Judge Gael D. Wood.