A 28-year-old Fenton man told police he stole a vehicle, the license plate on the vehicle and shotgun to “help the economy.”

Union police responded to Summerset Lane Saturday, Aug. 5, for a report of a man passed out in a vehicle.

The man, whose name has not been released pending formal charges, was found to be in possession of paraphernalia and suspected methamphetamine.

The vehicle had been reported stolen from Jefferson County. The vehicle’s license plate also had been reported stolen.

The man had a shotgun that was reported as stolen from St. Louis County.

“The suspect admitted stealing all of these items to help the economy,” Police Chief Norman Brune said. “By committing crimes, he gives cops a job to do, which gives the attorneys a job to do, and then in turn gives the judges a job to do.”

The suspect was taken into custody and released to other investigating agencies.

Formal charges for the illegal drugs will be sought at a later time.