A 19-year-old Union area man who is accused of spitting on his neighbor’s windows and throwing rocks at his vehicle was charged Wednesday. 

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were sent to a home Monday, Aug, 5, in the 100 block of Choiceland Drive, Union, for a harassment and trespassing report.

According to the sheriff’s office, a neighbor of Cornel Rusu stated that Rusu had been coming onto his property, spitting on his windows, shouting at him and making threats. 

There was video that supported the victim’s claim.

Rusu allegedly denied he had been on the neighbor’s property until he was told about the video, authorities said. Rusu then confirmed the allegations, stating he was retaliating for a previous issue with the neighbor, authorities said.  

Rusu was given a warning for the trespassing and harassment.

The next day deputies again were dispatched to Choiceland Drive by the  same victim who said Rusu was throwing rocks at his car while the victim was backing out of his driveway.

The suspect was allegedly taunting the victim to get out of his car to fight. The  victim also told deputies Rusu was riding a bike and appeared to be trying to cause damage to the neighbor’s yard, the sheriff’s office said.

Rusu was charged in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with first-degree felony harassment and fourth-degree assault. Bond was set at $5,000.