Two people were charged in connection with the theft of more than $5,000 worth of music instruments and equipment.

Brenton R. Ramsdell, 33, Ballwin, and Amanda N. Duncan, 33, Washington were both charged with one felony count of stealing items valued at $750 or more. Duncan had an additional felony charge of stealing a firearm.

The charges were filed in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court Monday, Nov. 13. The case was first investigated by Washington police this summer.

On July 6 a couple in the 300 block of High Street reported a .22 calibre handgun, musical instruments and music equipment were missing from their home. The music equipment was valued at $5,730.

Police later located all the missing items, except for the gun, at area pawnshops. According to the police report, all of the items were pawned by Ramsdell.

During an interview with police, Ramsdell told officers he and Duncan were dating. He said she gave him a guitar and asked her to pawn it.

Ramsdell told police he believed the guitar belonged to Duncan. He said she told him she couldn’t pawn the items because she didn’t have any valid identification.

Police said Duncan was lacking proper identification, but also had been flagged by pawn shops for past actions.

Ramsdell pawned the guitar and eventually went back to the shop and paid to get it back believing it belonged to Duncan, police said.

Police said Duncan then gave Ramsdell more musical instruments and equipment to pawn. He told police he figured out the items weren’t actually owned by Duncan, but continued to pawn them anyway because he wanted to “take care of her.”

Ramsdell told police his plan was to eventually purchase back all the items from the pawnshop, according to the police report. When he was questioned by police, he denied any knowledge of the missing gun.

Duncan refused to answer any questions when interviewed by police.