A Washington man and two juveniles are facing charges for breaking into the concession stand at the VFW baseball fields.

Washington Police say burglary charges are pending against a 24-year-old man for breaking into the stand and allegedly stealing baseball equipment. Two boys, ages 14 and 11, are facing juvenile charges.

Last week police said the VFW reported someone had broken into the concession stand. The stand hadn’t been used in several weeks, and people with the VFW discovered a sleeping bag and trash on the ground. Baseball equipment stored in the stand also was missing.

Police discovered someone had entered into the stand through the roof.

During the investigation, police were alerted to people who have been spotted in the area. That led police to the 24-year-old man and the two juveniles. Police said the man and the boys were friends and neighbors.

Police said the man confessed to his involvement in the burglary and stealing the baseball equipment. The 14-year-old boy also confessed, police said. The 11-year-old refused to talk to officers.

Police said they were unsure why a sleeping bag was found in the stand. The bag could have been used by a homeless person who also had access to the stand, or the boys could have been using the stand as a “clubhouse.”