WHS Evacuates students, Police investigating

A 16-year-old Washington girl was charged Tuesday with making a bomb threat at Washington High School Wednesday, Feb. 27. 

Washington Police Detective Sgt. Steve Sitzes said the teen has been charged with making a terrorist threat for allegedly scrawling a message on a bathroom stall. The Franklin County Juvenile Office will review the reports.

School officials said the message pertained to “blowing up the school.”

The girl's name has not been released. She made statements to school officials and police about her involvement in the threat, according to Sitzes. 

Washington police and other law enforcement responded to the high school shortly after noon Feb. 27 when the threat was reported. The building was evacuated and students were moved to the football field.

After the school was cleared, a St. Louis Airport Police K-9 team of three bomb-sniffing dogs searched the school.