A Washington man who allegedly assaulted a county resident and damaged vehicles while on drugs was charged Thursday.

Matthew R. Roque, 27, was charged in the Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with felonies of third-degree assault and property damage. He is being held on a $4,900 bond.

The charges stem from an incident Wednesday, Dec. 13, in the 600 block of Boeuf Meadows Drive outside New Haven where deputies were dispatched for a male subject damaging vehicles at a residence, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

The homeowner and a neighbor had restrained Roque on the ground until deputies took him into custody, authorities said.

Roque allegedly damaged three of the homeowner’s vehicles with a handcart by breaking windows and denting the vehicle bodies. He also had assaulted the homeowner with the handcart causing minor injury, according to the sheriff’s department.

Authorities said Roque admitted to being under the influence of a narcotic.