Felony sodomy charges were filed against a St. Clair man following an assault witnessed by three children Saturday in Union.

Scott E. Becker, 42, was charged in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with second-degree sodomy. Becker is accused of knowingly having deviate sexual intercourse without her consent, according to charging documents filed by the Franklin County’s Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Union police responded to a domestic assault in progress Saturday, June 2. A witness said she saw a man “choking and punching” a woman on the front porch of the woman’s residence, according to the probable cause statement filed by Union police with the prosecutor’s office.

The witness told police it looked like the man was pulling the woman back inside the house while the woman was screaming for help.

Police contacted the victim. According to the probable cause statement, the woman told police Becker had choked her on the couch and attempted to pull her off by her legs.

The woman said Becker pulled off her shorts, sodomized her and called her a derogatory name, according to the probable cause statement.

Police said the three children witnessed the altercation.

The woman told police she attempted to escape, but was pulled back into the house.

Officers found scratches on the woman’s forehead. The woman said she was hit in the head, grabbed by the neck and was “fish-hooked” by Becker at one point.

Becker told police the woman tried to choke him and he was attempting to restrain her.