The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department is encouraging citizens to be wary of identify theft during the tax season.

The state and federal income tax filing deadline for many Missourians comes in April. In recent years the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has consistently received multiple reports of fraud and identity theft related to income tax filing.

The sheriff’s office would like to remind citizens to be aware of scams and potential threats to their personal identity. Use caution when corresponding with anyone by postal mail, over the telephone, through email, or other electronic means.

Be sure to safeguard personal information like social security numbers. Don’t provide personal information to anyone with an unknown identity and reasons for requesting personal information.

If a resident has any question about the legitimacy of a particular entity or person requesting your information, communicate your concerns and verify their credentials prior to releasing that information.

Do not fall victim to scare tactics or high pressure demands of any business that you are unfamiliar with. Likewise, the sheriff’s office receives reports from time to time of scams involving people falsely identifying themselves as members of law enforcement to lure citizens into wiring money to bail a family member out of jail or to avoid issuance of an arrest warrant.

The sheriff’s office does not solicit money for bond or bail by phone.

If anyone receives any calls from people requesting money and claiming to be with the sheriff’s office, it is recommended to contact the sheriff’s office directly or make a report in person with a deputy. The sheriff’s office phone number is 636- 583-2560.