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A teenager armed with a can of spray paint is believed to have caused property damage to seven building around downtown Union.

Union police took multiple reports early Friday, Oct. 5, of vandalism. Property owners reported waking up Friday and finding gray spray paint on the exterior of buildings. Police said a 16-year-old boy was the suspect.

Police said the juvenile confessed to vandalizing the buildings with spray paint.

The first building to report was KBosh Food, at 1 E. State St. At 7:30 a.m. police were contacted about words being spray painted on the building.

Police also took a report a short time later about damage at Margo’s A Wedding Place. Police said “profanity toward police” was spray painted on the rear wall of the business at 33 S. Oak St.

At around 8:30 a.m., an officer observed damage to the old Fricks building at 10 E. Locust St. The building is owned by the city of Union.

Police said three other locations had been spray painted with gray paint.

An officer also noticed spray paint on Zion United Church of Christ, located at 115 S. Washington. Two locations on the building had been spray painted with gray spray paint, police said.

More spray paint was found at St. Paul Lutheran Church at 208 W. Springfield. The word “hell” was spray painted on the sign so it read “Jesus Is Hell,” police said.

A third church, Immaculate Conception, reported property damage later Friday afternoon. The damage was on a building located at 15. N. Washington Ave. that is owned by the church.

One location on the building had been spray painted with gray spray paint. There was writing on the east side of the building, police said.

Union Furniture was the seventh, and so far final, business to report property damage. The business said the front of their building was spray painted with gray spray paint.

Two of the display windows and brick wall were sprayed with a single line of gray spray paint, police said.