By Joe Barker

Missourian Staff Writer

Shoppers in Washington are being advised to take a second look at their $10 bills.

Washington police said a rash of counterfeit $10 bills have been discovered in recent weeks. Police have recovered fake bills and are warning businesses and customers to check their $10 bills.

Washington Police Detective Betsey Schulze said during a three-day stretch between Aug. 11 and Aug. 13 police recovered at least 20 phony $10 bills. The bills had been accepted at various businesses around Washington and were sent to banks to be deposited.

The banks noticed the fake bills and alerted police.

Schulze said businesses should be aware bad bills are in the area and double check any suspicious $10 bills. For consumers, she said they should double check any change received from area businesses to see if any of the bogus bucks were passed out as change.

“It’s a vicious cycle,” she said. “There are counterfeit bills in the area and some still may be floating around. If anyone comes across any counterfeit bills, they should turn them in to police.”

This is not the first time counterfeit cash has hit the streets of Washington. Earlier this year in March, police were cracking down on a rash of fake $20 bills.

Schulze said it is believed the two are connected. She said police have at least one person of interest and believe the same suspects from the first wave of fake bills may be responsible for the newest rash of counterfeit cash.

In the past counterfeit bills have shown up at places that often handle a lot of cash transactions and are frequently busy. In March, police said the phony bills had a different “feel” than normal cash.

Anyone with any information about the counterfeit bills should contact police at 636-390-1050.