Washington police are once again reminding people to lock their car doors and store valuables out of sight.

Police have handled multiple larceny calls in recent days, including two on Wednesday night alone. In both cases items were taken from cars.

A resident reported cash and a cigarette lighter were taken from a car parked at the Washington Public Library. Another resident reported a purse was taken from a vehicle while parked at Loving Hearts Outreach.

The theft from Loving Hearts Outreach was from an unlocked car, police said.

Washington Police Chief Ed Menefee said stealing cases often are tied to drug use. He said stealing crimes were actually down in 2017, despite the department handling a number of cases earlier in the year.

Many of the thefts early last year involved unlocked doors in houses, cars and garages.

Menefee said he believed the stealing reports tapered off and actually ended lower than 2016’s totals because residents got smarter.

As the break-in totals rose, people began locking up their cars and hiding valuables, Menefee said.

With the crimes popping back up, police are reminding people to double check and make sure their doors are locked and items like purses are stored either under seats or in trunks.