An Oklahoma man has been charged for allegedly stealing a tractor-trailer cab from his former employer Sunday and crashing it while huffing from an air duster canister.

Baylor A. McCracken, 48, Lawton, Okla., was charged Monday in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with felonies for stealing a motor vehicle and resisting arrest. He also is charged with misdemeanors of operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, and driving while intoxicated.

According to the probable cause statement filed by Washington police in the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, McCracken stole a 2019 Peterbilt conventional tractor from the Washington Walmart on A. Roy Drive.

Police said McCracken had been fired from Freymiller Trucking, Oklahoma City, Okla., for suspicion of huffing air duster to get high. The company terminated McCracken’s employment and assigned a replacement driver to retrieve the truck that the suspect had been driving.

Washington police said the replacement driver attempted to get the vehicle Saturday, Feb. 23, but McCracken refused to give him the keys.

On Sunday at 10:26 a.m. a Washington police officer met with McCracken and the replacement driver at the Walmart parking lot. McCracken told police he refused to turn over the keys because he had nowhere to go.

McCracken then asked for an hour to gather his belongings from the truck and make transportation arrangements to get home. McCracken agreed to hand over the vehicle to the replacement driver at noon.

The driver contacted police at 12:54 p.m. stating McCracken had stolen the truck from the Walmart lot.

The truck had been disabled to prevent it from moving, however, the disabling system did not work and McCracken was able to drive the vehicle, police said. 

Police contacted a Freymiller Trucking supervisor who said the company would like for McCracken to be prosecuted for the vehicle theft. Surrounding agencies were notified of the stolen vehicle.

Crash on I-44

A short time later, the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to a crash on Interstate 44 west of the St. Mary’s Road bridge.

According to a patrol preliminary crash report, McCracken failed to stay in the lane while westbound on I-44. The vehicle left the right side of the roadway, struck a guardrail and went up a small embankment, striking several trees.

According to a probable cause statement filed by the patrol, McCracken refused to exit the truck and attempted to hide in the sleeper cabin of the truck.

McCracken then stuck his head out of the curtain between the cab and sleeping area, and looked around. Troopers again ordered him out of the truck, however, the suspect continued to huff from an air duster canister and then sat in the driver’s seat of the truck looking straight ahead.

A trooper then opened the driver’s side door and pulled McCracken from the truck by his sweatshirt and placed him under arrest.

The patrol located 39 empty air duster cans and several new cans. McCracken was transported by a trooper to Mercy Hospital Washington where he submitted to a blood draw. He was treated at the hospital and taken to the Franklin County Jail.

The patrol also located alcohol in the truck, which is against the Department of Transportation regulations. 

According to the patrol, McCracken has an extensive criminal history and a severe drug addiction.