A Florida man who was tased by police is charged with two felonies for attempting to steal two iPhones.

Agustin Rodriguez, 35, Miami, was charged Monday in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with one felony count of attempted stealing of items valued at $750 or more, and resisting arrest.

Washington police were called to the AT&T store in the 3000 block of Phoenix Center Drive after employees at the store questioned Rodriguez’s attempts to purchase two phones.

Rodriguez and an unknown associate waiting outside stopped by the store Sunday afternoon and attempted to upgrade two cellphones on an account owned by an Oklahoma City woman.

Rodriguez used the woman’s Social Security number and his ID card to present himself as an authorized user on the account. As an authorized user, he purchased two new iPhone 8 phones valued at a total of $1,899.98 and charged that amount to the woman’s account.

AT&T employees contacted the woman about the purchases. She said she did not know Rodriguez and he was not an authorized user of her account.

Police were called to the scene and two officers contacted Rodriguez. Police said Rodriguez got into a struggle with the officers and then attempted to flee the store. He was then shot with a Taser by an officer.

Police said they found a receipt on Rodriguez for the purchase of the cellphones.

Washington Detective Sgt. Steve Sitzes said it was “bizarre” case. He said AT&T employees took screenshots of the woman’s account both during the transaction and after.

Sitzes said while Rodriguez was attempting to make the purchase, the woman’s account listed him and others as authorized users. After police came, the screenshots showed Rodriguez and the other names all missing.

“Within 20 minutes later, while he was still in the store, those names were deleted,” Sitzes said.

Police also said they had found Rodriguez had attempted to purchase phones at an AT&T store in Union Nov. 18, but that transaction was declined. Police are investigating if he had been at other stores in the state.