Union City Hall

Union police are investigating a reported disturbance Tuesday morning at city hall.

Union City Administrator Russell Rost said last week the city shut off water service for a customer who did not pay his bill. Rost said Tuesday morning the customer showed up at city hall and “made several threats to come back and get all the city employees.”

Later in the morning, two people connected to the disgruntled water customer went to city hall and were “acting odd,” Rost said. He said they were going into random places in the building and were carrying a wooden sword.

Rost said police were called and took a report.

“Some of the staff were definitely shaken,” he said. “The threats were pretty severe. In this current environment, we take all these take seriously.”

Rost said the city often deals with customers angry about service shutoffs.

“It happens multiple times a year,” he said. “This one is probably the worst one we have ever had. I don’t understand why people feel like they can do that.”

Normally when someone’s service is shut off, a police officer is stationed at city hall to handle any disturbance. Because the shut off happened last week, no officer was in the building.

Rost said police, being just a block away, responded quickly.

“They know who the people are and they will be talking to them,” he said.

Charges are possible, Rost said.