Stalking charges have been filed against a Washington man.

Kyle T. Kohler, 28, was charged Friday, Dec. 29, in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with first-degree felony stalking. Washington police said he violated an ex parte order by sending more than 900 text messages in a 24-hour time period.

Police said Kohler was served the ex parte order Thursday, Dec. 28, at 11:50 a.m. From the order, he was instructed to not contact a woman, unless it related to his children.

Police said almost immediately Kohler began contacting the woman and her mother. Starting at around noon that Thursday and continuing for 24 hours, police said Kohler made numerous phone calls and sent more than 900 text messages to the woman and the woman’s mother.

Some of the messages related to his children, but most did not, police said, violating the ex part order.

Kohler was arrested the following day and charged with stalking. Police said additional drug charges could be filed.

Kohler is scheduled to be in court Thursday, Jan. 25.