A Washington teen has been charged with second-degree burglary in connection to a break-in at Washington High School

Shane M. Landrum, 19, was arrested Friday afternoon at the Washington Public Library. He was charged in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with one count of felony burglary.

Police said Landrum and six others were involved in a series of crimes around Washington between the late evening hours of Friday, Sept. 8, and early morning Saturday, Sept. 9.

Landrum is the only suspect formally charged so far, police said. Charges are pending against another adult involved in the spree.

The other five suspects are juveniles and their cases are being handled by juvenile court, police said.

Landrum is facing just one charge for his involvement, but more charges could be added. Police said he and six others allegedly went to three different locations and committed property damage and stole items.

The incidents include a reported burglary at Washington High School. Just after midnight Saturday, Sept. 9, surveillance video showed a group entered the building.

The group shot off a fire extinguisher, damaged a vending machine and pushed a minifridge down a stairwell.

The group also allegedly stole from the Lakeview Park concession stand. The stand was broken into and candy, soda and Gatorade were taken.

At some point in the same night, the group also allegedly damaged property at a laundromat at an apartment complex in the 700 block of Horn Street. Police said someone broke the glass of a vending machine, but not before preventing the security camera from recording.

After breaking the glass, the thief took several snack-food items and left the scene.

Officers originally didn’t think all three cases were connected, but were able to tie the three together.

After an investigation, police believe the group of seven suspects committed the acts in several hours of the course of late Friday and early Saturday.

Washington Detective Sgt. Steve Sitzes said police were able to identify the suspects thanks to the Washington High School Resource Officer, Doug Tollison. Tollison reviewed the security footage and, even with the suspects covering their faces, recognized one of the group.

Through various interviews with six of the suspects, police were able to connect the dots and figure out more information about each incident. Sitzes said six of the seven suspects have cooperated with police and confessed to their parts in the crimes.