A Washington man has been charged with three felonies after stripping copper pipe from a home in January.

Raymond Courtway, 28, was charged with burglary, stealing and property damage in the Franklin County Associate Circuit Court. Warrants were issued for his arrest Monday, April 30.

Courtway was found inside a home at 809 Clay Street Jan. 19, about 2 p.m., by Tyler Loveless, who was rehabbing the building.

According to Washington Police, Loveless reported entering the home and seeing a man, later identified as Courtway, hitting the wall with a crowbar. Loveless then contacted Washington police and Courtway left the scene.

Throughout the house, Courtway had broken open walls and stripped copper pipes. The door of the building had also been broken open with a tool.

Washington Police Detective Sgt. Steve Sitzes said social media played a key role in identifying Courtway. Police posted a photo Loveless took in January on their social media, and another of Courtway exiting a Target several days ago.

He said, typically, someone identifies the subject of these posts quickly. He said social media in general has been a great asset for the department.

“Within 10 minutes, normally, you’re getting somebody knowing who it is,” Sitzes said. “Facebook posts and social media really helps out law enforcement.”