Washington police are seeking robbery charges against a suspect who stole items from Target Sunday and assaulted an employee as he fled on foot from the store.

According to Washington Police Detective Sgt. Steve Sitzes, the suspect, Marc A. Johanning, 30, St. Clair, was later taken into custody for a parole warrant at Mercy Hospital Washington. 

Authorities allege Johanning was given a suspected illegal substance at the time of his arrest and he overdosed after arriving at the Franklin County Jail.

Police said Johanning attempted to steal $280 in merchandise from Target about 1:09 p.m. Sunday.

Sitzes said he caught the eye of a Target loss prevention officer who approached the suspect as he tried to leave the store. 

Johanning allegedly punched the store employee, dropped most of the merchandise and then fled from the store. He stole items valued at approximately $12.

The suspect allegedly then got into a car. The loss prevention officer contacted authorities with a description of the vehicle. 

A short time later the vehicle was stopped by Pacific police, Sitzes said. 

Authorities allege a female passenger in the vehicle gave Johanning a substance. After he was transported to the Franklin County Jail he was taken to the Mercy Hospital emergency room for a suspected overdose.

According to police, Pacific police recovered property from Target in the vehicle following Johanning’s arrest. 

The female also was arrested and taken to the Franklin County Jail. 

Johanning was charged in January 2017 with felony drug possession. He was sentenced to four years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Under a plea deal he was given 90 days’ “shock time” in the Franklin County Jail.  

Johanning violated the terms of his probation several times after his conviction.