Four adults were arrested Tuesday for vandalizing at least 30 vehicles by spraying them with paint, Washington police said.

Sgt. Chad Sloan said the vehicles and at least one building, located in the 1500 block of East Third Street, were spray painted sometime overnight. The first property damage was reported at 5:15 a.m. Monday.

Neither the names nor the information about the suspects have been released. 

The vehicles — vandalized late Sunday into Monday morning — were sprayed with paint from a moving vehicle.

According to Sloan, the incidents all occurred within a one-block area of East Third Street, Third Parkway and an area off Fifth Street.

Washington police canvassed the area after the first report, but officers did not make any arrests for the vandalism at that time. 

There were 20 vehicles reported to have been vandalized by 10 a.m. Monday, and other reports were called in later Monday and Tuesday, police said.

“They were hanging out of the (vehicle) window and sprayed as they drove by,” Police Chief Ed Menefee told the Washington City Council Monday night.

Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton said there were two reports of spray-painted vehicles in the Emerald City area, as well as a stop sign at Country Lake Estates and Highway A. It is not known yet if it was the same people who spray painted vehicles in both areas.

Sloan said police began looking for video evidence of vandalism and sought information from anyone who witnessed suspicious activity in the area of the vandalism.

The spray painting does not appear to be gang related, or to include “tags,” pointing to one specific person, Sloan said.

He added that no specific vehicles appear to have been targeted.

There has not been any other vandalism reported associated with the spray painting.

Sloan noted that there have not been any other recent reports of spray painting or graffiti in Washington. He said those crimes are “sporadic.”

There was one report late last month of profanity spray painted at the old shoe factory on West Second Street. That does not seem to be related to the East Third Street area incidents, police said. 

Previous Incidents

In 2016, two juveniles were arrested for more than 12 incidents involving graffiti painted on buildings and other places in Washington, including city park buildings.

During a two-week period in April 2016, the teens were spray painting buildings in the Phoenix Center II shopping center.

One of the suspects was charged in a graffiti spree in Washington in 2014.

There is no connection between the spray painting this week and the previous incidents, according to police.