Two more vehicles were broken into in Washington this week.

Police reported items were taken from two vehicles in the parking lot of Little Rascals Preschool at Highway 47 and Bieker Road. In both cases, the vehicles’ windows were broken.

Police said the broken windows were discovered around 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

With the new additions, seven cars have now been broken into in Washington since Saturday, April 8.

This past weekend police took reports of five separate break-ins. Saturday cars were broken into at N-Sports, Faith Baptist Church, and two at Our Lady of Lourdes in Washington. On Sunday thefts from vehicles took place at JCPenney.

Thieves stealing from cars isn’t terribly uncommon, police said, but it’s rare for windows to be broken.

Early in March two cars were broken into at Lions Lake. At the time Washington Police Chief Ed Menefee speculated the break-ins were drug related. He said he believed thieves were stealing items to sell later in order to get money for drugs.

Police said while it’s important to lock doors, it’s just as important to not leave valuables out in the open in cars.

Police believe at least some of the thefts may be connected, but are still seeking more information. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Washington Police Department at 636-390-1050.