There is an estimated $20,000 in damages to a Washington water department facility following a car crash into the building.

The damage occurred Tuesday about 5:30 a.m. when a Ford Mustang struck the Well House No. 9 on Steutermann Road near Valley Drive.

Water/Wastewater Superintendent Kevin Quaethem said the crash damaged the electrical controls in the structure, and knocked it off-line.

According to Quaethem the crash did not cause any service interruptions. 

He added every well house in Washington is used to circulate chlorine.

“At this point every well in town is a priority,” he said.

Quaethem said he expects the well house to be operational again in early January.

He added that the damage at the facility may lead to constructing a larger building.

Quaethem explained a 18-foot by 18-foot building would be more beneficial to the city. The well house is 18 feet by 10 feet.

In a larger facility there could be a separate chlorine room which would be safer for city employees.