Bill Isgriggs

A Franklin County grand jury issued an indictment against Union Alderman William “Bill” Isgriggs on two felony charges. 

Isgriggs, 69, was indicted on one count of felony forgery and one count of filing false documents. 

According to charging documents, the forgery charge accuses Isgriggs of “making a writing, a legal summons,” “so that it is purported to have been made by another.” 

The charging document for the filing false documents charge accuses Isgriggs of filing the forged documents, “with the intent to deceive.” 

Isgriggs has been employed as a process server for the Franklin County courts.

Online court documents state the charges stem from an incident Jan. 11, 2019. The grand jury indictment was filed Aug. 16.

A warrant was issued Aug. 22, but was recalled. 

Isgriggs was taken into custody at the Franklin County jail Nov. 7 and released the same day.

Court documents state the grand jury indictment warrant was served Nov. 8. Isgriggs posted bond Monday, Nov. 18.

A hearing in front of Judge Ike Lamke is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 3, at 10 a.m.

Seat Status

Isgriggs attended the Nov. 12 Union Board of Aldermen meeting. He participated in the meeting, introduced bills and made motions. He also attended the city’s parks, buildings, development and public services committee meeting Monday night.

Isgriggs has not make any public statement regarding the charges. City Administrator Russell Rost said Isgriggs has not spoken about the charges with anyone in the city. He said the city has confirmed Isgriggs has been indicted, but has no information about the case.

The city is reviewing what the charges mean for Isgrigg’s tenure on the board. Rost said he believes the charges would not prevent Isgriggs from serving on the board, but things could change if he were convicted.

Rost said City Attorney Matt Schroeder is looking into the situation.

“This is the first time this situation has ever come up during my career,” Rost said.  

Isgriggs could be removed by a vote from the mayor and the board. Missouri statute 79.240 gives the city power to remove anyone from office “for cause shown.” 

The statute states the mayor and a majority of the board can remove an elected official as long as the official is “first given opportunity, together with his witnesses, to be heard before the board of aldermen sitting as a board of impeachment.”

The statute also states that any elected officer, may be removed with a two-thirds vote independently of the mayor’s approval or recommendation. 

Rost said Mayor Rod Tappe is aware of the state statute.

“He’s going to look at that and consider if it’s appropriate or not,” Rost said.

Elected Official 

Isgriggs rejoined the Union Board of Aldermen in April 2018. Running unopposed for the retiring Dale Schmuke’s seat, Isgriggs picked up 303 of the 313 votes cast to represent Ward 2. 

Isgriggs served six years on the board from 2005 to 2011 before losing to Vicki Jo Hooper. After leaving the board, he stayed involved with the city by serving on the planning and zoning commission.

He would be up re-election in the April 7, 2020, municipal election. Filing for the election opens Tuesday, Dec. 17.