Former Presiding Circuit Judge Gael Wood announced he will run for Franklin County municipal court judge.

Judge Wood, 70, stepped down in October from his position as Circuit Court judge as required by age limitations contained in the Missouri Constitution. Those age limitations do not apply to municipal judges.

“This position will give me the opportunity to continue to use my years of experience in the service of the residents of Franklin County and remain active in the profession I love,” Judge Wood said.

The municipal court vacancy was created when former Municipal Judge Craig Hellmann was appointed to the circuit court. An election will be held this year for the remaining two years of Hellmann’s term.

Judge Wood is a Republican and a lifelong resident of Franklin County. He lives in Washington.

Prior to taking the circuit bench, he served at times as municipal judge for both the city of Washington and the city of Owensville.

In the fall of 2000, Wood was elected to the circuit court and took office on Jan. 1, 2001. He was then elected, en banc, by the judges in the court as presiding judge one month later. He was re-elected to that position every two years since.

Attorney Scott Fulford was appointed Dec. 28 as the municipal judge.

Franklin County Municipal Court began hearing cases in 2012 to expedite resolution of local traffic and zoning violation cases.