Franklin County deputies plan to seek charges against a woman in an incident in Meadowlake Farms subdivision earlier this month.

According to a sheriff’s office report, the 45-year-old suspect followed a resident into her garage Sunday afternoon, Nov. 6.

The resident, who had returned from walking her dog, locked the door to her house and called 911.

A Washington police officer responded and was speaking with the homeowner when the suspect attempted to drive away in the victim’s car. The suspect, however, stopped when ordered to by the officer.

The case was turned over to the sheriff’s office when a deputy arrived.

The deputy questioned the suspect who described herself as homeless and asked to be taken to the jail.

She allegedly was wearing a dress she stole from the victim’s clothesline. She was identified from a driver’s license and other items found in clothing that had been left on the floor of the garage, the sheriff’s office reported.

The suspect was not identified because no charges have been filed.