Despite the Franklin County Commission vowing several times there would not be change orders on the jail/911 project, multiple orders increasing the costs of the project, were approved Tuesday.

In all, three change orders totalling just under a quarter million dollars were approved Tues. Two additional change orders also were approved at no additional cost to the county.

The largest change order comes from unforeseen soil moisture issues that were discovered during excavation work at the rear of the existing jail facility.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, Jen Kissinger, with Navigate Building Solutions, and representatives from FGM Architects provided an update on the total program budget.

Kissinger explained the change orders and additional costs are necessary for soil remediation, a new berm and reinforcing an existing wall.

According to the commission order, River City Construction will receive an additional $209,455 for the extra work, bringing the total contract cost to $11,884,154.

Before the contract revision this week, an additional $13,170 in increases had been approved by the commission.

There also was a revision to the contractual allowance in the amount of $56,042 for door security changes to make them compatible with the existing county access system. But it is within the contractual allowances and will not add to the overall cost.

American Electric

The second largest change order was for American Electric & Data Inc. to provide a temporary generator for an additional $15,000 to the project cost for a total cost of $3,456,286.

An additional $7,136 in change orders has already been approved for American Electric since the original contracts were signed.

Also on Tuesday, the commission approved an additional revision for American Electric for hardware revisions, but at no additional cost to the project.


There also was a revision to the contract for Pauly Jail Building Company Inc. for an additional $340.

In August, the $6.6 million security contract with Pauly Jail Building Company increased in price by more than $50,000, with the addition of padded cells.  

Commission Stance

In April, the county commissioners were outraged at the approval of a change order without their knowledge by Navigate Building Solutions and at that time warned they would not tolerate any additional change orders on the $30 million project.

“The only way there should ever be a change order is if we (county) request it, or there is an act of God,” Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker said. “We have to make sure the tone is set that we are intolerant of change orders.”

Brinker added, with this being the very beginning of a $30 million project with 48 potential contractors thus far, the county does not want to set the precedent that change orders will be accepted.

Since then, the commission has mandated that Navigate give biweekly updates on the jail project. An accord also was reached that all future change orders be brought forth and approved or denied in a public forum.