In the past seven days between 2 and 5 inches of rain has fallen on Franklin County.

As April showers have continued into May, rivers, creeks and streams all over Franklin County are above flood stages and some are spilling onto low-lying roads.

Despite a rainy forecast for Saturday, the Meramec, Missouri and Bourbeuse rivers are all projected to crest on Saturday and begin rapid descents back to, or below flood and action stages by the middle of next week.

Franklin County Emergency Management Director Abe Cook said his office is monitoring the river levels but as of now, none are out of their banks.

“As of now, we have no major concerns,” Cook said. “We will pay close attention to the Missouri River at Hermann, Washington and New Haven in between.”

Cook added a watchful eye will be given to the forecast for the next few days as well.

“We all know how quickly the weather can change,” Cook said. “There is always the potential for flash flooding because the ground is already so heavily saturated. Also the normal low lying roads are susceptible to flooding and closures.”

Cook added there have been no reports of any damage during this latest round of flooding and rainy weather, but said the saturated ground could cause some hillsides to slide off or plants and trees to be uprooted more during a storm.

Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton warned drivers to avoid water covered roads.

“I encourage drivers to drive cautiously,” he said. “Even if it looks like you can cross the road, you would never know if the roadway is giving away.”  

Missouri River

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) predictions, the Missouri River at Washington was expected to crest at 26.5 feet midday Friday.

The normal river level is 15 feet and any depth over 20 feet is classified by the NWS to be minor flood stage. If the river reaches 28 feet or higher, it will enter major flood stage.

Predictions for next week show the river to remain at or above 20 feet until Tuesday morning, May 7, at which point it will drop sharply to a predicted level of 15 feet by next Monday May, 13.

Bourbeuse River    

The Bourbeuse River at Union was projected to crest Saturday at 18.6 feet in minor flood stage.

The river should be in a sharp decline the next five days beginning at 17 feet Saturday morning and dropping to below action stage of 13 feet by Sunday. 

By Wednesday, May 8, the river level is expected to be back at about 4 feet.

Any river depth at that location over 14.5 feet is considered minor flood stage and it would have to reach 22 feet before being considered moderate flood stage.

Meramec at Pacific 

The NWS predicts the Meramec River at Pacific will crest at 16.9 feet on Saturday morning and will drop sharply over the next few days. 

By Monday, May 6, the river will be below minor flood stage at 12 feet and by Thursday, May 9, it will be just above 4 feet.

Minor flood stage for the river at this location is 15 feet.

On Saturday, April 27, the river depth was just over three feet, and the week of rain raised the river level 15 feet in seven days to the crest.

Meramec at Sullivan

The Meramec River at Sullivan was projected to crest Friday morning at 14.5 feet. 

The decline at that location will be a bit more gradual, but still steady with the river expected to be at 9 feet, out of minor flood stage, by Monday morning May 6. 

Minor flood stage in that area is classified as any depth over 11 feet.

By Thursday, May 9, the river level is projected to be down to 3 feet.