Voting Booth

Voter turnout for the Tuesday election was a little higher than Franklin County Clerk Debbie Door had expected.

She had predicted 14-15 percent, which is about what the turnout was for last year’s April election.

This year, turnout ended up being 18.7 percent.

Door said she thinks it was higher because the Washington School District’s bond issues, one of which passed, were heavily marketed.

Despite the higher-than-expected turnout, Door said it is still low.

“It’s still a poor representation of the voters in the county,” Door said, adding, “18 percent of the people are determining what the other 80 percent are going to be doing.”

There were 61,987 registered voters for this election, and 11,599 ballots were cast.

For the election, 42 polling places were in operation with about 200 election judges to check voters in.

Door said the election went smoothly, noting that the results were certified on Thursday.

“The election went fine,” Door said.

The estimated cost of the election was $136,978, and the cost was split between the different entities that had issues on the ballot.

Door explained that the entities are billed in advance for their estimated share of the election costs and are issued refunds if it is determined that they were overcharged.

The election results were known two hours after the polls closed at 7 p.m.