Franklin County Clerk Debbie Door

Voter turnout in the Tuesday election was “awful,” Franklin County Clerk Debbie Door said.

Only about 13 percent of the county’s voters cast ballots in the Tuesday election.

Going into the election she thought it would have been closer to 20 percent.

Of the county’s 68,378 registered voters, only 8,855 ballots were cast, according to the official election results.

Voter turnout is typically low for the April election, according to Door.

She said it’s a “sad day” when people have an opportunity to make a difference in their everyday life and then choose not to vote on important races such as school board.

However, Door said the election went smoothly with new voting equipment the county purchased last year.

The new equipment was “wonderful,” she added.

But she said several hundred voter reminder cards that her office mailed out were returned to her office. She says she still must look into why the cards were mailed back.

Some may not have been deliverable because of addressing issues, she said, adding that people often move.

There are always cards that are sent back, Door said, adding that it is usually more than what was returned this year.

The voter reminder cards are sent out before each election. But the cards for this year’s April election also included a new voter registration card with information such as which voting district a person falls into.

The new registration cards were sent out as part of a voter canvass that involved updating addresses, she said.

Door noted that the voter reminder cards looked different this year. In the past the voter cards have been white, she said.

Some people complained that they did not get their cards, Door said. But it may have been a matter of them not realizing what the cards were since they looked different this year.

Some people don’t look at the cards they get in the mail and then call and complain, she said.

However, Door said she also received many compliments on the new voter registration cards from people saying they liked the look of them.

The cards have a barcode on the back that can be scanned at the polls to make sure the voter gets the right ballot based on the district he or she lives in.

Door could not recall how much it cost the county to mail out the voter reminder cards.