Library Staff Prepares for Move

Library staffers are preparing to move office materials and incidentals to the new 11,000-square-foot library building at Lamar Parkway and Rose Lane. A company that specializes in moving collections will set all the books, CDs and DVDs in place for the opening day Monday, Aug. 20. Pictured are Judy Carter, left, and Barb Schweissguth, adult programmer. Not pictured is Georgia Mofield, branch manager.

The opening of the new Pacific branch Scenic Regional Library has been postponed due to wet weather.

The current branch will remain open during the delay, according to Library Director Steven Campbell.

He explained crews can’t lay asphalt in the parking lot at the new facility. 

"The building is complete, but we can’t get an occupancy permit or move our books in without a parking lot," Campbell said. "The existing branch will remain open and continue to operate until we’re given a new opening date."

The new branch had been slated to reopen Monday,. Aug. 20, at Lamar Parkway and Rose Lane

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Pacific residents will experience a new library beginning at 9 a.m. Monday, Aug. 20.

In a seamless move, the library at 119 W. St. Louis Street will close Thursday, Aug. 16, and reopen at the new space at Lamar Parkway and Rose Lane the following Monday.

Library staffers are only responsible for moving the office materials and hand tools. All of the furniture in the new building will be brand new.

“We won’t touch the books,” said Barb Schweissguth, adult programmer.

“A moving company that specializes in moving collections will pack up the books, CDs, DVDs and place them in the appropriate adult, teen and children’s sections of the new library,” she explained.

The 11,000-square-foot building, located on the corner of Rose Lane and Lamar Parkway, replaces the existing 4,500-square-foot downtown facility.

The new branch will feature dedicated teen and children’s areas; a 1,200-square-foot public meeting and programming room; teen gaming area with an Xbox One; children’s activities, including a Lego table, magnet walls and 55-inch touch screen tablet; two patios with shade structures and outdoor seating; two study rooms; an adult seating area with a fireplace; and other features.

The new facility also will have a 45-space parking lot.

Schweissguth said what she’s most looking forward to in the new quarters is more space.

“There will be enough space for adult programs without having to tear down, set up and tear down,” she said.

The first program scheduled in the new facility is Stargazing with the East Missouri Dark Sky Observers, which is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28.

To reserve a spot for the program, call 636-257-2712 or email

A grand opening event for the new library is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 8.