Franklin County authorities plan to seek charges against at least one of two men accused of smuggling contraband into the county jail in separate incidents recently.

Bringing contraband into a jail facility is a felony offense in Missouri.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said the separate incidents happened in the last week.

In one case, a man who was ordered to serve a 30-day sentence on a prior drug charge was found to have narcotics and drug paraphernalia hidden in a body cavity when he reported to the jail, Toelke said.

Jailers suspected that the 18-year-old Sullivan man was bringing in contraband and when confronted he admitted to the offense.

That suspect, however, was unable to remove the items, which included about one-quarter gram of heroin, a spoon, a lighter and a syringe. He later was taken to Mercy Hospital Washington where the items were surgically removed, the sheriff reported.

Another jail inmate who was on a work release program was confronted when he returned to the jail and it was determined that he had tobacco hidden in a body cavity.

Toelke said that while the Robertsville man, age 29, violated jail policy, he may not be charged with trying to bring in the tobacco, which is not a controlled substance.

That will be a decision for the prosecuting attorney’s office, he noted.

Names of the suspects were not released because no charges have been filed in the cases.