Franklin County Commission

 The Franklin County Commission Tuesday voted to keep the county tax levy at the same rate as last year, but it will still collect more than $235,000 than last year.

After a public hearing was held last month, rates will be $.1258 per $100 of assessed valuation for the general fund and $.2156 per $100 of assessed valuation for the road and bridge fund.

The fixed tax levy will also determine the amount of monies received by smaller taxing districts within the county, including fire, EMS, special road, community college, sewer, hospital and school districts. 

Delay in Mailing

County Collector Linda Emmons says tax bills may be mailed a week later this year, but they are coming.

Residents should expect the bills by the end of this month or early November and they will have until Dec. 31 to get them paid.


In 2018, the county posted its highest ever assessed valuation at $1,935,406,485.

The real estate portion came to $1,515,147,542 and the personal property assessed value is $420,258,943.

Based on those valuations, the proposed tax levy is expected to generate $6,607,467, which is $235,494 more than in 2017.

Of that, $2,434,731 goes for the general fund, which is just under $50,000 more than last year.

The projected revenues for the road and bridge fund are $4,172,736, about $85,000 more than in 2017.

2017 Charges

In 2017, the tax levy should have generated $6,471,873. In 2016, $6,237,869 was collected.

In all, $117,612,759 was charged in taxes for 2017; $83,369,619 in real estate; $20,155,247 in personal property; and $14,087,892 from railroads and utilities.

For 2016, $78,862,935 was charged for real estate; $19,144,693 was charged for personal property; and $15,166,811 was charged for railroad/ utilities taxes.

2017 Collected

In all, the county collected $111,277,934 in taxes before the Dec. 31 payment deadline last year.

Real estate taxes collected were $79,151,643; personal property, $18,038,399; and an additional $14,087,892 was collected for railroad and utilities.