A controversial preliminary plat for a market and apartment complex tabled since the February Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting is back on the agenda.

Sam Salamah is proposing a new development with apartments and a market in the community development (CD) zoning district. The property is located at the intersection of Highway 100 and Highway OO just outside the Pacific city limits.

Both the proposed market and apartment complex are allowed in the zoning district. Salamah is only seeking approval of his plat.

In February, the board voted to table Salamah’s preliminary plat for a future meeting because it was lacking certain information. By Robert’s Rules of Order, any tabled item stays tabled indefinitely until a motion by the board.

In March, by a majority voice vote, the board opted against removing the preliminary plat from the table. The board will decide at its next meeting, Tuesday, April 17, at 7 p.m. if it wants to remove the request from the table.

The commission meets in the county government center in Union.

The plat is opposed by a number of neighboring property owners. The primary issues cited were stormwater runoff potentially contaminating a creek, increased traffic and a lack of trust of Salamah.

Speakers accused Salamah of breaking Missouri Department of Natural Resources rules and conducting an improper burn. One frequent complaint was that Salamah was attempting to use a controversial piece of his property for the development.

Last December, the Franklin County Commission denied Salamah’s request to rezone 3 acres on the site from suburban development (SD) to community development (CD).

Opponents argued his plat showed the parcel that was still zoned residential was being used as part of the commercial plat.

Salamah did not have a chance to address these issues in March because the plat was never taken off the table. If the board opts to discuss the plat Tuesday, Salamah will be given a chance to respond.

Other Agenda Items

A rezoning request also is on the agenda at Tuesday’s meeting.

Eastland Oaks, Inc. is seeking to change 24 acres from residential development to residential development 1. The property is located on St. John’s Road near Eastland Oaks Drive.

Another plat request also will be reviewed. Plans for Walnut Ridge Place 4 will be presented by Diamond Financial Assets, LLC.

The property is in the community development zoning district and located on Country Club Road near Highway A.

The board also will continue its discussion of its bylaws. The board is trying to come up with a simple set of rules to follow so it no longer has to use Robert’s Rules of Order.