A former Crawford County man shot and killed himself Friday night, Aug. 2, after he was stopped by a Franklin County deputy for a suspected road rage incident. 

The sheriff's office identified the deceased man as Cameron McColl, 23, of Union, who formerly lived in the Bourbon area.

Deputies received a call about 9:20 p.m. from a man who said he was being followed by McColl and feared for his safety because the man previously assaulted him. The unidentified caller said the man was trying to force him off the road. 

Communiciations officers remained in contact with the man as deputies attempted to intercept the two vehicles. 

They eventually located the vehicles on Highway O in Robertsville and reported they observed McColl tailgating the other vehicle and swerving in an attempt to pull alongside the victim's car, according to the report. 

McColl immediately pulled to the shoulder when deputies activated sirens and lights then fired a fatal shot, committing suicide inside the vehicle, the sheriff reported. 

Deputies attempted to render aid to the wounded man without success, according to the report. He later was pronounced dead at the scene. 

No motive was given for the self-inflicted wound.