A Sullivan police officer sustained injuries last week after being pulled into a car by a suspect which then dragged the officer more than 100 yards before crashing.

On Monday, Jared Michael Brand, 32, Sullivan, was charged with one count of felony assault in the second degree to a special victim, in this case a police officer, and one count of felony resisting arrest for the incident that occurred March 10.

According to a probable cause statement, Brand recklessly caused serious physical injury to a law enforcement officer by putting his vehicle in drive and driving off while the officer was trying to apprehend Brand causing the officer’s legs to be dragged on the road.

The police report states the Sullivan officer attempted to make a traffic stop on Brand’s vehicle after noticing his license plate was not illuminated and after observing him cross the centerline while making a turn.

After the officer turned on his emergency lights to make the traffic stop, Bland failed to stop immediately and the officer then used his siren to finally get Bland to stop.

While approaching the vehicle, the Sullivan officer noticed Bland was acting erratically and was reaching down to the floorboard and between the seat of the car and the center console.

Not knowing if Bland was concealing contraband or a weapon, the officer opened the unlocked driver car door and commanded Bland to show him his hands and keep them where they could be seen.

After being ordered to exit the vehicle, Bland then reached with both hands toward the area beneath the driver’s seat.

At that time, the officer grabbed Bland’s shirt and attempted to pull him out of the vehicle, but Bland resisted and instead grabbed the officer’s wrist and a physical struggle ensued.

Bland then leaned toward the passenger seat pulling the officer partially inside the vehicle. Bland then grabbed the officer’s radio on his duty belt causing it to become detached and it ended up in the passenger seat as well.

While the struggle was going on inside the car, the officer reported hearing the engine being revved up but the car was not moving because it was in park and he began trying to turn off the ignition and shut the car off.

The report states Bland began elbowing the officer in the chest an the officer returned closed-hand strikes to Bland’s face in an attempt to distract him long enough to turn off the car.

Instead, Bland was able to get the car into drive and took off with the officer’s legs still hanging outside the vehicle.

The report states the vehicle accelerated rapidly and Bland was heard to say he was “going to kill this (expletive) officer.”

Worried both men would be killed, the officer stated he saw the speedometer reach 42 mph when he grabbed the wheel and steered the car over a curb and into a stop sign on East Vine Street.

After further struggle the officer was able to get Bland out of the vehicle, but it continued to roll an additional 110 yards before coming to rest just 2 feet from an apartment building.

Additional officers arrived an attempted to use an aerosol spray that malfunctioned. Bland was then taken into custody. 

In addition to the new felony charges, Bland is currently on probation and parole for possession of a controlled substance and had six outstanding warrants in Franklin County including possession of a controlled substance and stealing. He also had an outstanding Crawford County warrant for possession of methamphetamine.