Speed limits on 47 roads throughout Franklin County have been increased following assessments. 

Franklin County Highway Administrator Ron Williams said roads with speed limits ending with a 5 were targeted.

“We looked at the types of road conditions and any other special considerations like speed and school zones,” Williams explained. “In most cases the speeds were raised, but some may be lowered because of the condition of the road.” 

Williams added the study was done at the request of the county commission.

35 to 40

In all, 25 roads will increase in speed from 35 mph to 40 mph. The speed limit on Ridge Road will increase from 20 mph to 40 mph.

The speed limit on the following roads will increase to 40 mph:

Anaconda, Antioch, Bethel Church (Highway 30 to Mill Hill), Brinkman (St. Mary’s south for 2.4 miles), Chapel Hill, College, Country Club, Decker, Evergreen Loop, Farrel, Jahn Ford, Jeffriesburg, Little Spring Creek, Methodist Church, Mill Hill (from Highway TT to Oak Grove Church), North Four Mile, Oak Grove Church (Mill Hill and Highway 30), Old Cove, Rock Church, Ridge, St. Louis Inn, Thiebes, West Linda Lane, Westwood and Whiskey Creek.

25 to 30

Seventeen county roads will increase in speed from 25 mph to 30 mph. Those roads include:

Anglers, Barton, Brinkman (2.4 miles south of St. Mary’s to Robertsville Road), Evergreen Lane, Frisco Drive, Massey Ford (75 feet north of Jason Louis Lane Drive continuing 200 feet south of Jason Louis Lane Drive), Meadow Drive, Newport, Nike Base, Olive, Shannon Lane, St. Albans Road (except from the bridge over Tavern Creek to the south end of the Village of St. Albans), Twin Oak Drive, Twin Spring, Valley Drive and Winkler.

West Villa Ridge Road will increase in speed limit from 20 mph to 30 mph.

15 to 20

There are five additional roads that will increase in speed from 15 mph to 20 mph. Those roads are:

Huff Loop, Old Highway O, Providence, Rock Bridge, and St. Albans Road (from the bridge over Tavern Creek to the south end of the Village of St. Albans).

Williams added the most time-consuming portion of this project was actually going out and assessing the conditions of all of the rural roads.  

Copies of the new speed limits will be sent to Laurie Ruether, clerk of the municipal court; Billy Eckelkamp, municipal court prosecutor; and Franklin County Sheriff Steven Pelton for dissemination to his deputies who patrol the affected roads.