Felony assault and armed criminal action charges have been dropped in the case of a man accused of wounding his son during a fight early this year.

Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Stephen Lawhorn said the decision was made this week to dismiss the charges against Charles Crow, 66, St. Clair, due to the death of the victim in the case.

Crow had been scheduled to stand trial Aug. 5, on charges of first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the incident in which his son, Nathaniel Crow, 39, was wounded.

The state has no case to move forward since the victim is deceased.

Union police are investigating Nathaniel Crow’s death as a suspected drug overdose.

Lawhorn said he learned of the son’s death last week when he went to take depositions in the case.

The case was formally dismissed Wednesday, July 23, according to online court documents.

The charges stemmed from an incident Jan. 17, at Charles Crow’s residence off of Reiker Ford Road between Union and St. Clair.

County detectives said Nathaniel Crow was shot at close range with a revolver that fires both .45 caliber bullets and .410-gauge shotgun shells.

Nathaniel Crow was shot with a .410 shell containing birdshot, according to Sheriff Gary Toelke. The man was taken by air ambulance to Mercy Hospital St. Louis and later recovered from his wounds.

Authorities said that Nathaniel Crow died about a month ago from an apparent drug overdose.

The charges against Charles Crow were issued originally in a felony complaint.

The case then was presented last March to the Franklin County grand jury which issued an indictment against the defendant.

Authorities said Nathaniel Crow had gone to his father’s home and said that he wanted to take a car. The father refused to let him have the car, then went outside and blocked the road leading to the house with a tractor.

The two continued arguing inside the house and the dispute escalated, moving from the living room to the father’s bedroom.

At one point, Nathaniel Crow’s mother attempted to separate the two and the son pushed his mother away.

The son then moved toward Charles Crow and that’s when the man fired the shot, striking the son in the chest, according to reports.

The two then wrestled for the gun and it went off a second time with the shot striking the ceiling.

The mother then took her son into another bedroom and administered first aid and called 911.