Franklin County residents have received phone calls from scammers “spoofing” the sheriff’s office number to steal money.

Sheriff Steve Pelton told The Missourian that a cellphone application is used to give the appearance that a call is coming from the sheriff’s office.

The scammer tells the potential victim that they are a sergeant with the department and the victim missed a court date. The caller tells the potential victim that they must purchase a “voucher” to avoid jail time.

Pelton told The Missourian the name given by the caller is not the name of anyone with that title at the sheriff’s office.

According to Pelton, one person received four calls Thursday stating they owed $1,400.

“We do not conduct business that way,” Pelton said.

He added the scammer has victim’s information, such as address and phone number, seeming as if the scammer could be with the sheriff’s department.

Pelton said the calls only appear to be coming from the sheriff’s department, but if someone is unsure, they can call the number back

He added that people should never give personal information to the scammers.