The Franklin County sheriff’s Office is looking for a sex offender who has not reported.

Sheriff Steve Pelton said the office is searching for the whereabouts of Donald L. Whybark, 46, of the St. Clair area.

In 1994, Whybark allegedly had sex with a child under the age of 16. The crime occurred in California, according to records.

“The safety of our citizens is the priority, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is committed to taking a proactive approach to ensure registered sex offenders are in compliance,” he said.

According to Pelton, Whybark has an active felony warrant for failure to appear for a burglary charge in Greene County and has a $4,000 bond. 

Court records indicate that Whybark was charged in 2015 with two felony counts of first-degree burglary, resisting arrest and tampering with a motor vehicle. 

He added that it is possible that Whybark is in the Franklin County area. 


By Missouri law, the sheriff’s office is responsible for the registering and monitoring of the sex offenders in the county.

Once a sex offender stops registering with the sheriff’s office, he or she is charged with failing to register, a felony. 

If the offender continues to be noncompliant and the sheriff’s office thinks that person has left the area, the case is turned over to the marshals service, which has additional resources and fewer restrictions when making an arrest.

Missouri’s registration requirement law took effect in 1995 and recently was updated to classify sex offenders into three tiers. The most dangerous sex offenders are listed in tier three for offenses that include rape, sodomy or first- or second-degree child molestation. Those offenders must register with local police every 90 days for the rest of their lives.

There are more than 280 sex offenders in Franklin County.


Over the past two years, Pelton said, the sheriff’s office has become aggressive in the checks. 

The checks are done to ensure offenders are compliant with court-ordered conditions, the Missouri Sex Offender Rules and Regulations and the Department of Probation and Parole, he said. 

The conditions include registering their current address and phone number, any temporary/frequented addresses, employment and vehicles registered or driven, Pelton added.

Officers also check to ensure offenders are in compliance with conditions on the use of computer access/sites, email information and the identity of others who reside at the residence.

A map of offenders can be found on the Missouri State Highway Patrol website at