Dylan Carter

Self proclaimed "Most Wanted Man in Franklin County"

A suspected drug trafficker who described himself as “the most wanted man” in Franklin County and vowed he would never be caught was arrested Wednesday hiding in a crawl space at a home in Sullivan, according to the head of the county’s narcotics unit.

Dylan D. Carter, 32, was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts when members of the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit and Sullivan police pulled him from the space under the floor of the house.

“He was crying like a baby when we pulled him out,” Detective Sgt. Jason Grellner, task force commander, said.

Grellner said Carter was lying in mud and sewage when officers found him and took him into custody at the house on Sarah Street in Sullivan.

“He was clutching a wallet that had a $100 counterfeit bill inside,” Grellner said.

Carter was charged earlier this month in a Franklin County warrant with drug trafficking in the first degree and possession of precursor drugs used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Following his arrest Wednesday, the suspect is being held in the Franklin County Jail on a $200,000 cash-only bond.

The charges stem from a month-long investigation last summer that culminated Aug. 7 in a raid on a major meth lab operation off of Lollar Branch Road north of Stanton.

Officers set up surveillance on the home after receiving complaints from neighbors of a large scale meth cooking operation and narcotics activities. Carter and three other known drug suspects were identified as being involved.

Two people were arrested at the house in the Aug. 7 early morning raid but Carter and a female suspect were not there. Later that morning, Sullivan police located the couple’s vehicle leaving a motel and began a pursuit that ended with the vehicle crashing into a traffic signal pole.

Carter then fled on foot into the Sullivan city park carrying a black bag. After a Sullivan officer tackled him, police found the black bag which contained some methamphetamine and an empty handgun holster. They later found a .380 caliber handgun after retracing the path of the foot chase, according to a probable cause statement filed in circuit court.

The black bag contained 52.27 grams of methamphetamine and 84.27 grams of pseudoephedrine, according to the statement filed by Detective Cpl. Scott Briggs with the drug task force. Inside the vehicle, officers found more meth for a combined total of 486.22 grams of the illegal drug.

Carter, at that time, was arrested on outstanding felony drug charges from Crawford County. He later was released after a judge granted a bond reduction, authorities said, and has avoided arrest on failure to appear charges since then, Grellner said.

Children in Home

In the Wednesday morning case, the tenant of the home told investigators that she and Carter and Carter’s girlfriend had been using meth the night before.

Grellner said the woman’s two children, ages 1 and 4, were removed from the home and placed in protective custody with the Division of Family Services.

The suspects arrested last summer at Stanton were connected with St. Louis gang members who pay people to purchase pills containing pseudoephedrine to get around the legal limits. They then sell them at inflated prices to meth cooks.

Investigators said the suspects were getting 30 to 50 boxes of cold pills at a time.