Multiple candidates will be vying for seats on school and fire boards as part of the countywide April elections.

Of the five districts holding elections, all have more than one candidate thus there will be competition for the seats.


Two Franklin County schools have election for board members.

In the St. Clair R-XIII District, three candidates are vying for two seats.

Incumbent Craig Licklider is running for re-election and is joined on the ballot by Rob Taylor and Andrew Geisert.

Incumbent board member Steve Pelton is not running for re-election. All of the R-XIII candidates reside in St. Clair.

The Crawford County R-1 School District, which encompasses only a small part of Franklin County will also have three candidates vying for two seats on the board.

Incumbent Darrel Bosse will be joined by Jason Gobin and Ronald Collins on the ballot. All three men live in Bourbon.

Fire Districts

Three fire districts from all ends of the county will be holding elections for board members and directors’ with two candidates running for each seat.

In the Beaufort/Leslie Fire Protection District, Nancy Goss will face Gary Bergner in a director race for a six-year term.

Both candidates live in Leslie.

Voters in the Boles Fire Protection District will also elect a director to a six-year term with Eric Shoemaker, Pacific, and Scott Byrne, Labadie, vying for that seat.

The Sullivan Fire District will hold elections for two directors seats with four men as candidates.

In a director’s race for a two-year unexpired term voters will decide between Robert Mesger or Scott Byrne.

In a separate director’s race for a four-year term, voters will pick from Richard White and Chris Garner.

In both of these races, all of the candidates live in Sullivan.