Sales Tax

According to the 2018 budget, $27,587,568 in sales taxes, is expected to be collected by Franklin County this year.

The county is highly dependent on sales taxes which make up 46.8 percent of all regular operating revenues.

Currently, Franklin County has four sales tax funds in place for the general fund, road and bridge, and two law enforcement sales taxes.

The general fund tax was created in 1983; road and bridge, 1989; law enforcement 1, 1996; and law enforcement 2, 2007.

In total, over the past 35 years, the four taxes combined have generated $354,146,406 for Franklin County.

General Fund

In 1983, the half-cent general fund sales tax generated $1,338,288.

The revenues have increased between $200,000 and $500,000 each year, and in 2017, it generated $6,386,238.

The total revenues for the fund as of 2017 were $141,864,733.

Road and Bridge

The county road and bridge half-cent sales tax was imposed in 1989 and brought in $2,464,747 the first year.

The road and bridge sales tax saw a slightly larger annual increase to the general fund tax and produced $6,385,323 in 2017.

Since its inception 29 years ago, the tax has accumulated $130,175,263 for the county coffers.

Law 1

After seeing the success of the two previous taxes, the county law enforcement community realized a similar tax would benefit them as well. Unlike the other two taxes, the first law enforcement tax was only one-quarter-cent and was put on the books in 1996.

That year, it generated $1,100,383 and in 2017, that number was $3,192,645.

Since this was a lower sales tax rate, the revenues grew each year by about half as much as the half-cent taxes.

In the 21 years it has been on the books, it has collected $54,295,298.

Law 2

Eleven years later, in 2007 a second quarter-cent law enforcement sales tax was approved by county residents and brought in $2,660,448 in its first full year of collections, which was 2008.

Last year, the sales tax generated $3,192,507 and has brought in a total of $27,811,112 since inception.

Prop P

Overall the two quarter-cent law enforcement sales taxes have generated $82,106,410 for law enforcement purposes since 1996.

A new half-cent sales tax to benefit law enforcement and the construction of a new jail/911 facility will begin being collected in October and is expected to generate about $6.3 million per year.

Half of the Prop P taxes collected go toward the new construction and the other half will go to supplement salaries of all law enforcement officers in the county.