Franklin County residents will get a look at what their tax money has paid for thus far in the Highway 47 corridor study.

They also will have an opportunity to give their input on what improvements they think will make the 13-mile section between Washington and St. Clair better.

Last Friday, the Lochmueller Group shared its traffic analysis study with the Highway 47 committee and unveiled a questionnaire that will be posted online for residents to comment on the project.

In addition to the online comments, a tentative date of Jan. 11 was set for an open house at the Franklin County Government Center for residents to see the data up close and have questions answered while answering some for the committee.

Several sections of the Highway 47 corridor being studied are slated for $12 million of resurfacing and safety improvements next summer.

They will include high-friction surface treatments, improvements at intersections and new signage at identified trouble areas.

The details of the MoDOT improvements, may also be displayed at the Jan. 11 open house.


A key part of the analysis agreed upon by the committee and Lochmueller Group would be to hear from the residents who use the road on a daily basis and know firsthand the frustrations it is causing.

On Friday, an 11 question survey was reviewed and its language is still being tweaked to have it ready for the open house.

The majority of the questions are multiple choice and include:

1. Where do you live?

2. Where do you work?

3. How often to do use the Highway 47 corridor?

4. How many times a day do you drive the Highway 47 corridor?

5. What time of day do you use the Highway 47 corridor?

6. What portion of the corridor do you use most frequently?

7. Why do you use the corridor?

8. Tell us which intersections you believe are unsafe and why?

9. Tell us which roadway segments you believe are unsafe and why?

10. What are your suggestions to improve safety and reduce congestion?

11. How much value do you place on adding a multi-use trail or other pedestrian improvements along the corridor?


In February the Highway 47 corridor committee hired the group to conduct the Highway 47 study in efforts to alleviate the traffic problems that have plagued the route for many years and are continuing to get worse as the amount of traffic increases.

A contract was approved in August to pay Lochmueller Group $185,000 to conduct the analysis.

The county has pledged $75,000, the cities of Union and Washington have both pledged $50,000, and the Union and Washington Special Road districts have put in $5,000 each to fund the study.

In addition to the data collection and assessment of the existing conditions presented last week, the overall study should include forecasts of future traffic conditions, preliminary alternatives, or quick fixes and preferred alternatives, or long-range fixes.

Although many on the committee feel the only true fix would be widening the entire corridor to four lanes, the consensus Friday was the committee will consider the smaller recommendations of the public and the traffic analysis.