Prop P

More than $2 million in Proposition P sales tax revenue has been collected in 2019 and 10 local law enforcement agencies are feeling the benefit, receiving more than $1 million.

In April 2018, Franklin County voters approved a half-cent Prop P sales tax to generate funds for law enforcement salaries and to fund the $30 million renovation of the county jail and 911 center.

Based on 2018 tax collection numbers, the new tax is expected to generate about $6 million annually. Half of that will go for law enforcement and half toward the jail project.

For the first four months of 2019, $2,028,620 has been split between the two funds.


As seen in the other county sales taxes, the amount of revenue collected each month fluctuates depending on a variety of factors, including the time of year, consumer spending and the overall economy.

As the amount of taxes collected goes up and down each month, so does the amount disbursed to the jail fund and to the 10 law enforcement agencies in the county.

Disbursements are sent from Franklin County to the municipal departments near the 10th of each month.

• January — $232,981;

• February — $258,918;

• March — $224,370;

• April — $298,038.


The disbursement numbers will fluctuate each year based on the total amount half-cent Prop P sales taxes brought in throughout the county.

Based on 2018 sales tax numbers, law enforcement entities in Franklin County will receive roughly $13,853 per officer in Proposition P tax revenue funds annually.

In early May 2018, county police chiefs and Sheriff Steve Pelton determined as of Jan. 1, 2018, there were 233.5 commissioned officers in Franklin County.

For the first four months in 2019, $1,014,320 has been disbursed to the law enforcement agencies in the county at an average of $253,580 per month.

Those totals as of mid-April are: 

• Franklin County Sheriff — 116 officers — $504,527;

• Franklin County Prosecutor — two officers — $8,057;

• Berger — one officer — $4,343;

• Gerald — four officers — $17,375;

• New Haven — seven officers — $30,407;

• Pacific — 18.5 officers — $80,362;

• St. Clair — 14 officers — $60,815;

• Sullivan — 18 officers — $78,190;

• Union — 25 officers — $108,598; and

• Washington — 28 officers — $121,630.

Without the tax being in place for a full year, the estimated amounts are based on similar half-cent sales taxes also in place in the county.

Sales Tax History

In 2018 the monthly average half-cent sales tax generated was $539,116.

The highest month of revenues was August with revenues of $680,278 and the lowest revenues were in April when $414,007 was collected.

In 2018, the Franklin County half-cent general revenue and road and bridge sales tax generated $6,469,393 each. 

Using that figure, the Prop P sales tax should generate roughly the same amount each year if the economy stays stable.

Half of the roughly $6.4 million would go toward construction of the new county adult detention facility.

The remaining half, or $3.2 million, would be disbursed to the more than 230 commissioned officers in Franklin County.