Flu Vaccine

With months to go in the flu season, Franklin County is only 120 cases away from breaking a record set just last year.

As of Friday, the number of cases reported in Franklin County was at 1,540 and climbing every day, stretching across the region.

According to the county health department, the highest clusters of recent cases have been in the Sullivan and Marthasville areas.

Although there has been a slight decline in weekly reports, more cases have been reported earlier this season.

For the week ending on Jan. 14, there were 297 cases reported. The first week of 2018 there were 349 cases and 401 cases the last week of December.

Hardest Hit

In Franklin County the hardest hit age group continues to be adults age 25 to 49 with 315 cases thus far.

• Ages 5 to 14 — 294 cases

• Ages 65 and older — 288 cases

• Ages 50 to 64 — 256 cases

• Ages 15 to 24 — 148 cases

• Ages 0 to 2 — 91 cases.

Countywide influenza A dominates the cases with 1,345 and only 194 cases have been influenza B.


According to the most recent numbers from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), in the week ending Jan. 13, a total of 8,022 new laboratory positive influenza cases were reported.

That is down 165 cases from the first week of 2018.

Of the new cases, 6,379 were influenza A, 1,558 influenza B and an additional 85 cases were untyped.

This brings the season-to-date total statewide to 40,600 laboratory-positive influenza cases, 33,151 influenza A, 7,101 influenza B and 348 untyped, which have been reported in Missouri since the first day of October.

By far the hardest hit group are ages 5 to 24 with 12,482 cases reported.

• Ages 25 to 49 — 8,462 cases

• Ages 65 and older — 7,599 cases

• Ages 50 to 64 — 6,095

• Ages 0 to 4 — 5,960

The DHSS reports 82 percent of the statewide cases were influenza A and 17 percent were influenza B.

Thirty-three influenza-associated deaths have been reported in Missouri this flu season.


On this same week in 2017, only 9,338 influenza cases had been reported by DHSS.

Last year, there were a total of 71,469 influenza cases reported in Missouri for the entire flu season, spanning from Oct. 1, 2016, to May 20, 2017.

Overall there were 99 flu-related deaths during the eight-month reporting period.